Income Producing Planner


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The first ever income producing planner for those in the service industry!

7 Easy to Implement Income Producing Activities to practice every single month.

  • 6 Steps to Goal Setting - The key to any planner is to have proper goals first. This section will help you to set goals in multiple areas of your life.
  • Success Funnel - This section will help you with building multiple streams of income for your business.
  • Monthly Calendar - Now it's time to set your calendar up for an "At a Glance" experience so you can keep track of the income producing activity that you have scheduled for the month.
  • Weekly Planner - This is a more in-depth schedule of your activities based upon your goals for the month
  • Contact Manager - When it comes to growing your business, your contacts are VITAL. This planner will have you to keep track of the qualified contacts you meet monthly
  • Vision Sheets - Ever heard of Vision Boards? Well, now you will be able to take your vision board with you everywhere you go.
  • Bonus Checklist - Sometimes you may get into the phase of not knowing what to do monthly. This checklist will give you better ideas of things you should be doing to build your business.
  • Bonus - Notes From Events
  • Bonus - Reflection
  • Bonus - Additional Online Materials Available to subscribers
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