Social Media Tools

  1. Instagram Tool CLICK HERE This tool allows you to automate messages. You can send messages to new followers and current followers. You can even target people based on hashtags they use, who they follow, their location and more! 
  2. Facebook Tool CLICK HERE .  This tool allows you to automate posts to your Facebook page, business page and group page. I like it over tools like Hootsuite because it allows you to post in bulk! 
  3. Linkedin Tool CLICK HERE This tool allows you to do sooooo much automation with Linkedin. It is incredible. I did a training series on this tool on Youtube as well. Simply go to CLICK HERE to watch the playlist training
  4. Connector Tool CLICK HERE This tool allows you to connect so many actions together. For example if you post something on Instagram and you want it to automatically post to Facebook, this tool will set it up. Also for example, you may not want to POST EVERYTHING that you post from Instagram to Facebook so you can also tell it to look for certain hashtags and if you have that hashtag it will then post. 
  5. SCRIPTS Tool – Do you need help with your email content? How about scripts for marketing and more? CLICK HERE for the best script developer every!

Currently searching for the best tool that will allow me to like Facebook Posts.

Also at the bottom you will see some additional tools that I absolutely LOVE!!!

When it comes to funnels and websites… This is my go to tool! I have been using this tool now for more than 3 years and it has helped me to do MULTIPLE Six Figures in Sales! Click The Image!

My Favorite CRM aka EMAIL Campaign Tool. If you are serious about business, you need this tool. Much cheaper than Infusionsoft but has many similar features. Click The Image!

This is my No. 1 Webinar tool if I am planning to make profits from my webinar! Allows you to do polls, send many follow up emails, track who showed up, left early and more! Its incredible! You only pay yearly to use it! Click The Image!

Do you do coaching calls or sessions of any kind? This is a tool that will allow you to set them up. You can use the service for free and upgrade when needed.