Why we like Activecampaign

I have searched for CRMs for years that will provide good pricing and most of allow me to track my database. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is used to manage your database by sending emails and also tracking them. There are TONS of CRM programs out there and everyone one of them will have different pros and cons. However, based upon what’s out there, we have found Active Campaign to be our favorite.

Here are our top reasons why it is our favorite.

Its easier to use than some other quality CRMs
Compared to another CRM that has many of the features Activecampaign, this CRM is very easy to use.

Connects To Your Website
You are able to integrate Activecampaign easily to your website so that people can be added to your database.

Lead Scoring
Whats super cool is you can set up scoring to allow you to see who is more engaged or who is a higher qulaified lead
So you can give points for

  • Email opens
  • Clicks
  • Page visits
  • Products brought

It is soooo critical today that you want to set up some sort of automation. You can make it so that no one misses any of your valuable information. Also the average person who subscribes to a list does not open the first original emails. The key is to stay active and engaged with your audience. You dont want them to join just join your list and you are not following up with content.

Automation is a super powerful feature that you’ll love once you get to grips with.

This allows you to truly track people the right way so that you are not sending emails to people who dont need your information. For example, if you are doing a FREE webinar for a course you are offering and you want to email those who are already enrolled, you can use tagging to help you with that.

Integrate with other business systems
Today there is not really one tool that does it all perfectly. Activecampaign will allow you to integrate with other tools easily. I use Activecampaign with Clickfunnels, Eventbrite, Zoom, Webinarjam and more! This way you are always adding to your database.

Great Customer Service
Whenever I have an issue or a question, I can contact them through chat support, email or phone and get a prompt reply. This is essential, especially if you’re less skilled on the tech side and need help getting the hang of the system.

Pricing is Awesome
You can start with Activecampaign for $17/Month which is huge especially for all the incredible features they have! You are able to upgrade to different plans based upon what you need them for. 

CLICK HERE to get started with their free trial.