3 Tips to Becoming Your Own Publicist

Today we have the incredible Stevii Aisha Mills join us on the Show Your Success Radio

Stevii Aisha Mills 
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“Alphabet Motivation” by Nakita Jackson

When we are small children, we are taught how to count and how to recite the letters of the alphabet. We are not taught however, how to keep going when we face obstacles. Alphabet Motivation is a collection of motivational paragraphs, each of which correspond with a letter of the alphabet. Each alphabet motivation acts as a great mantra for starting one’s day. The daily motivations are imbued with positivity and encouragement, but they also focus on asking questions of one’s self as well. They help readers with self-reflection, and they may also spark some questions and ideas about things the reader may not have considered in the past. If we learn how to find motivation with every test, there would be less people giving up on their dreams. Enjoy the use of alliteration in providing a motivation daily with each letter A-Z.

Link to purchase: nakitajackson.com