Don’t Become a Burnt out Workaholic

As a proclaimed “workaholic” but I wouldn’t necessarily say I am self-proclaimed I would say the key to being a successful workaholic is goal setting! But not just a regular set goals and add a date but also to set goals in the 8 areas of your life.  This is so important that you learn to balance out your life in the best way you can otherwise, you will find yourself tired, burnt-out and ready to give up.
In business, the person that quits doesn’t quit because the business is not successful. They quit because they are simply burnt-out. I encourage you to not make everything in your life just about work but also find at least 3 of the 8 areas that you can work on consistently. It will be very difficult if you are a person pushing after your goals to work through all eight. However, you can start with three.
The 8 areas that I am referencing are 
  1. Financial
  2. Business/Career
  3. Romantic Relationships
  4. Friends/Family Relationship
  5. Spiritual
  6. Personal Development
  7. Health and Wellness
  8. Life-Style (Fun)
Now to the work-a-holic you may be looking at this like OOOOOHHHH Heck no! I’m already busy as it is. However, the worst position you ever would want to find yourself in is being BURNT OUT because you work so darn much.


So what I always recommend is to find the top three of the 8 areas. You do this based upon the difference level of importance to you to where you currently are. So for example, if finances on a scale of 1 to 10 were at a 5 but the level of importance were a 10 then your difference is 5. If your romantic relationship was a 4 on the scale of importance but you were at a 6 then you difference is only 2. So that means you need focus on finances.
Now that you have identified your top three then you set your goals. Goal setting is very important but it’s not just writing out the goal but also creating a game plan. I like to call it the six steps to setting goals.
1. What is the goal? (Make it plain and specific)
2. Who is the goal’s date of completion?
3. Who is going to help you get this done? (this helps you NOT spend too much time with those who will not help you)
4. What is the gameplay to getting your goal done?
5. What could be the challenges to keep you from getting your goal?
6. WIIFM? What’s In It For Me? To make that easier to understand, how will you celebrate for yourself when you hit the goal?
If you want wanting more help with goal setting, check out my article where I teach on the six steps to setting goals.
I find that if you are a workaholic you most definitely want to balance your life out in the best way that you can. There is no fun if you can enjoy the results of your work. Also again you don’t want to get yourself into a position where you are burnt out!