5 Ways to Prepare Your Mind for Success

5 Ways to Prepare Your Mind for Success 

5 Ways to Prepare Your Mind For Success

It can be so easy to look around us and box ourselves into benchmarks of success as measured by the success of others, or even our very own personal failures and slow achievements towards goals. Even further, I can remember a time when I measured my success by the degree of pain or tribulation that I had endured in my life, and what I had not achieved in comparison to others. The mind can be fickle and feeble in all of its ways, but we must be able to pull down those thoughts of self-defeat that contribute to inept and inadequate thoughts of low self-esteem and of being unsuccessful. True success is about learning to embrace and ascribe to who we really are on our journey towards success. Our benchmarks of success cannot and should not be measured by the achievement of others, our own personal failures or disappointments, but instead by plugging into living an intentional, purposeful life of significance.

5 Ways to Prepare the Mind for SuccessYou are significant in your own right just by being born! Your creation was intentional, and deliberate for a need in the world that needs your gifts, and that need did not end because of what you have been through and are currently going through. You are significant, and if one never comes to mentally and wholeheartedly embrace their significance and value, success is just success by superficial measures. Yet, when our confidence and contributions of our dreams, goals and aspirations are no longer just about ourselves, but about growing and strengthening a greater degree of change beyond oneself, ones pain, trials and tribulations….then we have achieved and embraced success!

In order for success to be sustainable and authentic, we must prepare our minds for this endeavor. There must be a mental shift towards how success is defined individually and collectively, and it should not be based solely on the material aspects of life or others. The intangible things of life will far exceed our material possessions, and if our mindset cannot handle what comes along with the weight of success, then we will fail.Mental Success

So, there are a few things that I have found essential to preparing ones mind to succeed in those things that you have been created contribute to life and the lives of others.


What legacy were you created to leave and is your mind ready to get you there? 

 1.  Assess & Accept that your trials and tribulations are a part of life, but are NOT your life in its entirety and they do not define your potential success.  Instead, mentally embrace the experiences that you have learned through your trials and tribulations as leverage for you to do better and achieve greatness.

  1. Apply your mind and heart to sound instruction, mentorship, and coaching. There is value in those who have been where you are trying to go, and what they share is to educate, esteem and empower you. Be open to going beyond the portals of your own mind to receive from others that can help you to achieve the success you are aspiring towards.
  2. Invest in truth, wisdom and understanding. Go the extra to educate yourself because you are worth the INVESTMENT. Stop staying preoccupied with those things that are insignificant and add no value. Sharpen your skill-sets and mindset to handle the success that is on the way.
  3. Step out of your zones of comfort. If by nature you are an introvert, go against this natural grain to stay to yourself, and extend your confident self! We were created to be relational, so pull down every negative thought that goes against your greater self, and wants to keep you isolated with voided, empty thoughts and false truths.
  4. Acknowledge that there is a creator higher than you that has created you for SUCCESS. So, often we try to do things in our strength without trusting and leaning on the greater power in each of us. We are beings of a mind, body and soul. There must be a connection with the greater on the inside of you that has created you for the success already ordained. Be deliberate in bonding with the creator towards a greater life of peace, happiness, richness wholeness and success. Your success is strategically aligned with the creator of the greater in the universe! PLUG IN…. READ. PRAY DAILY. 

Purpose to prepare your mind to succeed each and every day by being intentional in these steps. Purpose to change, change on purpose!

Dr. Jia